• GROUPE OUSSOU is a commercial group created in 2001 by Mr. OUSSOU SAKA.
  • Since its creation the OUSSOU GROUP has continued to expand its activities with the main objective to be closer and closer Beninese population by providing solutions to social concerns, and to the welfare of the people.
  • Initially in food import import, the OUSSOU GROUP has quickly diversified its activities. First by integrating the pharmaceutical sector through the creation of the subsidiary OUSSOU PHARMA, which represents and promotes medications and medical consumables. Investing in well-being, the health of the people of Benin since 2012 remains one of the priorities of the group.
  • Always in search of expansion the group tackles the production and the marketing of products of domestic hygiene such as javels,liquid soaps and other culinary disinfectants such as vinegars.
  • Strong of its commercial expertise and displaying an international ambition GROUPE OUSSOU is also working since 2014,
    by the creation of the COBETRACO subsidiary to the maritime consignment and transit.
  • Relying on qualified, experienced and experienced professionals, GROUPE OUSSOU works to become a few years, a large commercial group in BENIN and in the West African sub-region.
  • In Soon 20 years of existence GROUPE OUSSOU created …… .. Jobs, built in different locality of Benin.


Lunch between Collegue and partner

In 2014, we were visited by one of our business partners. So follow these next few.

Our Partners





Akpakpa pk10 Marina road of Porto-Novo

01 BP 595, Cotonou Rep  du Benin



Tél : +229 21 33 33 58

Fax : +229 21 33 59 57

E-mail: saka.oussou@groupoussou.com


Tel: +229 21 33 33 58

Fax: +229 21 33 59 57

Mob: +229 67674433

E-mail: contact@groupoussou.com


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